My Jar of Flies

This piece of creative writing is for the purposes of the competition at Ad Hoc Fiction. With only 150 words and this week’s prompt word, “jar”, this competition gives its winner free entry into the Bath Flash Fiction Award, which promises a prize of £1000! 

I keep a jar of flies at my bedside.

I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, watching them fly and buzz as they crawl over each other in their desperate need to escape.

I don’t hurt them, after all, prodding them or poking them, like some corrupted child.

I only watch them.

I think.

I think how I am not a fly, and how lucky I am.

No one helps a fly.

No one cares.

I like watching my jar of flies. Whenever I am scared or put down, I just stare.

I’m okay, because I am not a fly.

People care.

I am not a fly.


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