This piece of creative writing is for the purposes of the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. With weekly photo prompts and a 75-175 word limit, this challenge offers a fun, interactive way of encouraging new writers.


This week’s photo prompt was provided by The Magicsticgoldenrose and my word count for this story is at 173.

Thank you and enjoy!


Even the sunlight didn’t dare touch her. It bounced on the lake below, almost daring her to join it, but it couldn’t penetrate her musty, little room.

She had thoughts like that all the time…of joining the sunlight…of being free.

The need for human contact sometimes grew so powerful that she actually opened the window and perched on the outside ledge.

It was her father’s fault. Ever since disease had taken her mother away, her father, a jealous and rather ruthless king, had refused to let the outside world harm her. He was convinced that something terrible would happen, and he was so afraid.

He just didn’t want to lose her.

One day, he’d taken her from her room whilst she was asleep, found the smallest room in the castle, and stowed her away there, so that no one could ever hurt her, not even the king, himself.

She hadn’t seen another person in almost six years, and, as she looked towards the lake once more, she knew that she never would again.


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