What You Don’t Know

I wrote this story a little while ago for a photo prompt challenge, but it has recently been suggested to me that I should do more to share it, so I’m linking it to the The Daily Prompt Challenge, which is, today, “passenger”.

I think it’s important to remember that this term doesn’t necessarily have to link to its obvious associations; it is very ambiguous, and can be used to refer to things which we don’t understand. In other words, this is the story of a little girl and her family, who experience a very real reminder of what the term can mean.

A Writer's Beginning

This short story is for the purposes of the writing competition at: Creative Writing Ink.


The summer breeze ruffled their hair and made their skin blush as they approached the shore. It had been far too long since the Caputo family had set their eyes on the sea; Maggie hadn’t even been born when they had last visited. Mrs Caputo watched her youngest daughter run on ahead at the first glimpse of golden sand, her raven hair loose in the wind and bare arms waving as she danced forwards. Mrs Caputo sighed, watching the girl as she shouted at her siblings to join her. How she did worry for her; she didn’t understand the world as her brothers and sisters seemed to. She didn’t respect order or authority, having thrown her bonnet into the wind as soon as the family had first stepped outside. She was beautiful, yet, at the same time…

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