Nobody’s Fault

July 2017

When I were five, I started the system.

Five days a week, for a bunch o’ times tables.

I ‘ave a go now, but can’t even list em’:

Got no use to a guy who fixes cables.


When I were eleven, knew it weren’t over.

Nine ‘till three fifteen, each bloody day.

Spent my last few years hungover,

N’ when I was done, couldn’t wait to be away.


When I were sixteen, didn’t get better.

Got some gig with a mate o’ me dad.

Nine ‘till five, said ‘at written letter…

But at least I weren’t no undergrad.


January 2017

When they were eighteen, they left home.

‘Ad to leave to make their millions,

‘At’s what they said, as they got their loan.

Nine thousand a year? Cost ‘em billions.


When they was twenty-five, they worked

At minimum wage, not twenty pound an hour.

They was ‘ungry tired and overworked,

Fightin’ for the right to a shower.


When we was fifty, we was broke.

They got them jobs with their qualifications,

But them loans? What a joke.

Nobody’s fault! But this damn Nation’s.


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