One Lovely Blog Award


I would like to thank Elsie Hagley for nominating me for my first ever blog award! If you haven’t checked out her blog before, please do so; she publishes a truly amazing range of posts, including weekly challenges, recipes and poems! This is a blog that I’ve followed for a good long while now and I always enjoy reading Elsie’s posts.


  1. Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link to their blog.
  2. They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image.
  3. They must add seven facts about themselves.
  4. They should nominate fifteen people to do the award!

Seven Facts about Me:

  1. I’m currently in attendance at the University of Exeter, studying towards a degree in English Literature.
  2. My first ever story, written when I was five, was called “Lucy and the 100 cows”.
  3. I’m very passionate about animal welfare and have been a pescatarian for fourteen years now (this means that I eat fish but not meat).
  4. I am the proud owner of two cats, Margo and Mitch, and absolutely adore them! If you check out my Instagram page, you might see an occasional picture of them popping up from time to time.
  5. One of my favourite things to do is simply to go for a long walk in the middle of nowhere; the more lost I get, the better!
  6. I have quite a bad allergy to egg and so can’t eat most of the desserts/bakery products that are out there! If nothing else, this keeps me healthy.
  7. Some people love Marmite and some people hate it, but as for me, I’ve never even tried it!

My Nominees:

If you’re looking for a new blog to follow, whether they’re a beginner or old-timer, these are the blogs that I highly recommend you check out!

  1. Sammi’sScribbles
  2. WillowDot21
  3. TheDarkestFairytale
  4. JaneDoughertyWrites
  5. SueVincent’sDailyEcho
  6. Ladyleemanila
  7. ThisIsAnotherStory
  8. CatchAFallingStar
  9. IainKelly
  10. AReadingWriter
  11. InsideTheMindofDavyD
  12. Journey
  13. MomusNews
  14. Writer’sBlog
  15. VictoriaKGallagher

There is absolutely no obligation for my nominees to complete a post for the “One Lovely Blog Award”; if nothing else, please see my nomination as my recognition of your wonderful posts! 🙂


13 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Victoria K Gallagher says:

    Hi 🙂 I Thank You for nominating me and my blog for the award, I am truly grateful. However, and you might be able to help me out on this, I have a picture that I made on my blog that say’s “Award Free Blog, Your Comments Are My Reward” with a little heart at the bottom. The past few weeks, when I’ve logged into my site, the image is not visible. My ‘note to self’ was to make a new image…I don’t know where it went. Can I ask you please, was it visible when you went to see my blog?? This will help me out as I truly can’t see what other’s can see when they look on my blog. Nonetheless, Thank You for nominating my work 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • A Writer's Beginning says:

      Hi Victoria, thanks for commenting! I’ve had a look at your blog for you and can now see that it does SAY “award-free”, however this is in quite small writing and there is no image there as described – maybe try pasting it in again, as the image doesn’t seem to be showing up anymore? I love your posts; please keep them coming! 🙂


  2. Sue Vincent says:

    Congratulations, Emily! And thank you for the nomination. I went award free a good while ago, but really appreciate being included in your selection. And I’ll check out the other blogs too, there are a few I have not come across on your list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane Dougherty says:

    I really appreciate your nomination, more than that though I appreciate you thinking my blog deserved nomination. Like lots of bloggers though, I don’t like to accept these awards since I have difficulty finding the time to pass it on. Forgive me if I don’t display it, but I’ll certainly look up the other nominees 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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