Sacrificial Shadows

I’ve recently discovered yet another writing prompt challenge; one of the best things about WordPress has to be how many of these challenges there truly are! If you don’t normally do these challenges, why not have a go? They can be about absolutely anything that comes to mind when you look at the below picture, so long as, according to the rules of this challenge, your response is 200 words or less! I hope you enjoy my little story!

White Horse Inn

Credit: A Mixed Bag 2016

She travelled by the thickest cloak of night, her head bent low against the rain. It bounced off the concrete and drenched her ankles, but she couldn’t let such trivial things impede her progress. She was only safe, so long as she moved quickly. If anyone looked out now, they would only see a shadow whipping past their window. They would never know it was her, she told herself as she rounded yet another corner.

Turning into the next street, she slowed as she approached The White Horse Inn, withdrawing her bundle from her robes and placing it securely under its roofed entrance. She stepped back a couple of paces to look at her child, reminding herself why she was doing this.

If there was one thing that was sacred in this town, it was its law-abiding nature. The law wasn’t just a set of rules to these people – it was the word of God – and any person, anyone at all, would happily turn her over to the authorities. She was letting this child go, so that she would be free from accusations. She thought of the toddler she kept locked away at home, and turned away from her baby.


September 2016


21 thoughts on “Sacrificial Shadows

  1. Sandi says:

    I just kept thinking of the Scarlet Letter. I don’t know why. Hester Primm has to give up her daughter kind of thing.

    I recently just started my own weekly challenge. This is more easy going with little rules. It’s based upon a song title. Write whatever you wish, inserting the title somewhere. It might not be something you like, but for someone who enjoys challenges, you might want to consider participating. I’d love to read what you come up with!

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      • Sandi says:

        Well, I had to read the Scarlet Letter in High School. As far as required literature, it was one of my favorites. It makes women very angry over the injustices other women faced when men escape such injustices.


  2. Sight11 says:

    Remind me of the one-child-policy of China. They second child(if happened) was deprived of every social right including education and work permits.. And some were killed because of the fear of backlash..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sunday Fiction says:

    Welcome to Sunday Photo Fiction Emily. I am very behind with visiting at the moment.

    A sad story that could very well be true in some places in the world still, especially some of the more highly religious small towns. You can really feel the pain the woman feels.

    I look forward to reading more of your stories

    Liked by 1 person

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