This short piece of creative writing is for the purposes of the competition at Friday Fictioneers, the task being to compose a story, based on the given photo prompt, in 100 words or less (my word count: 100). Enjoy!

Dale Rogerson

Credit: Dale Rogerson

I’m fed up with boxes. I’m fed up with their sticky labels dogeared corners.

At first, they excited me; whenever I looked at them, I saw hope. I was going to get out of this dingy, old flat and escape to the city, where I would finally be able to be myself. Now, though, all I feel is pain.

This town of mine, this strange, little town… it’s my home. I hadn’t really appreciated that before – not until today, my last day. I stare hard at the flowers on the kitchen table – at my last bit of home.

 Click on the blue froggy for more takes on this prompt!


37 thoughts on “Home

  1. Moon says:

    It happens all the time . Don’t know why , it’s like we are programmed to wait until the goodbye to appreciate a person’s or thing’s worth. You have captured the emotion really well .


  2. Jelli says:

    I fear the day I will have to move, now. We just got some ‘real’ furniture. Now, it’s not a ‘pack up the car and go’ anymore. Pretty scary. Loved the story.


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