No Man’s Forest

Here’s my attempt at the Sunday Scrawl prompt challenge, which I recently begun myself; it runs from Sunday on a weekly basis (you still have all of today and tomorrow to enter and a new challenge will be released tomorrow) If you want to know more about this challenge, check out the page here.

There’s a sound in the distance – not a flurry of feathers or a scampering of paws – this is a new noise, a stark contrast to the familiar chatter of the forest. It’s distant, but undeniable; my ears prick as the quietest of whispers scream one, single message: there’s an intruder in the forest.

It doesn’t take long for me to shake off my former drowsiness. As I race through the trees, I keep my body close to the ground, skimming across the leaf-strewn earth. I’m fast, and within minutes I have reached the source of the whispers. I duck behind the nearest tree, ears still pricked.10245908_229013817292235_2035726348_n.jpg

The whispers are stronger now; their once frail voices have become hard as they slice through the serene quiet. I watch as their owners reveal themselves: not one, but two. Men.

They laugh to one another, trampling through the undergrowth as frightened insects scarper from over their feet. I glance skyward to see all the nearby birds take off, fleeing for their lives.

It’s been a long time since man has dared enter our forest. At the border, they put signs up – signs that are meant to ward them off, but these men must have ignored the signs. They must have ignored the danger. I hesitate behind my tree, wishing I was bigger – wishing I was just the tiniest bit more powerful. I don’t pretend to like man. They’re loud and brutish, caring only for themselves, not the forest or its animals. Yet, if I could, I know that I’d stop them. I know that I’d try to warn them.

I glance to my left. A fellow rabbit has arrived behind the next tree, his ears pinned back and eyes wide. I try to catch his eye, but he’s far too preoccupied with something in the distance. I turn to look, too, and then I close my eyes. I thought it would take longer for them to get here.

From behind the men, on the wooden path that they tread, three pairs of narrowed, yellow wolf eyes stare back at us from the gloom.

If you want to enter the challenge, simply write a post based on the above picture, and click here enter! Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “No Man’s Forest

  1. This is a really great piece of writing!

    One thing that works well is the opening, with ‘flurry of feathers’ becoming almost onomatopoeic in its alliteration, helping to create the sound of the forest clearly for the reader. ‘Men.’ as a one-word declarative sentence works fantastically to build tension. I liked how you show that the narrator is a rabbit before telling us outright, giving the reader the enjoyment of trying to puzzle it out on their own first.

    Great work 🙂


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