This piece of creative writing is for the purposes of the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge, which runs each Sunday with a photo prompt and the task of writing a story in less than 200 words. I hope you enjoy!

My mother once told stories of a place where grass grew beneath your feet. She said the air was so pure, you didn’t need a mask to walk outside. She told of the animals, too; beautiful creatures that roamed the lands in search of food.

12 J Hardy Carroll 06 August 2017
Credit: J Hardy Carroll

I’ve only seen birds before. They fly above the city sometimes, keeping their distance as they dive past. The other animals – the wildcats, the fish and the antelope – well, they just don’t exist in my world. Tarmac and pollution are my animals. They’re the only things to watch, after all. Even on the TV – the broken, old set at the back of the front room – it only ever shows more tarmac. I might as well stare out my bedroom window.

I’ve seen grass before, though. One day, I’d had an argument with my mother and stormed off in a temper. I can’t remember where I’d run – if I could, I’d visit – but there was a corner of the road where the paving slabs were coming loose, and, from between them, crept this strange, green shimmer that I could only recognise from my mother’s stories.

Life, I called it.

Word Count: 193

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