Sky Waltz #writephoto

Here’s another bit of creative writing for Sue Vincent’s #writephoto challenge! Every week, Sue provides one of her own photos to inspire writers. This is an excellent challenge and a good opportunity to strengthen your writing skills!


Credit: Sue Vincent

Their whispers are distant at first. They barely carry over the harsh whipping of the wind. As the gale strengthens, though, so do their voices; as it batters against them, whipping their hair into their faces and forcing tears from the corners of their eyes, their throats grow hoarse from their shouts.

Then, far above them, the clouds begin to shift over each other, as though theyโ€™re engaged in some great waltz. They twist together, unfurling and tumbling over each other.

One of the men in the front row throws a grin behind him at his youngest daughter, whose eyes are wide as she stares skyward, mouth slightly open and hands outreached, desperate to join the dance up above them. The father grins again, his chanting growing louder still, until, at last, the rain begins to fall.


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