Storm Clouds

Here’s my take on this week’s photo prompt challenge from Creative Writing Ink. Today, I had another go at a poem, whilst trying to be pretty experimental with its form. Thank you for reading and enjoy.

Ian Espinosa

Credit: Ian Espinosa

When storm clouds hide a gentle drip-
Drop of the most distant water-
Fall, and the raven silk of dark
Nights lets loose that rushing tidal-
Wave, the sweet lamb kneels at water’s
Edge, her head bent low, fists unclenched,
As charcoal rains from fingers drenched.

The darkest sighs met that sweet good-
Bye, stains of guilt a heavy hind-
Sight, as sweet lambs rock on icy
Paths, and streams run from that backward
Glance. She ducks her head as the rain-
Fall joins with those glassy tears:
The one price for her greatest fears.


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