Not Like Other People

Here’s another piece of creative writing, prompted by theΒ Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge. This is a weekly challenge that asks its participants to write a story in 175 words or less based on the given photo prompt. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

I’m not like other people.

I used to be; I imagine that, once, I was a perfectly healthy baby. After that, I would have been a perfectly average child. I wasn’t exceptional, but I wasn’t broken, either.

Lying here now, though, I realise that I haven’t left this bed in over a month.

Outside, people laugh at me. They can see that I’m not like them and they don’t like it. So, I lie here. I have my food brought to me. I relieve myself whenever the nurse comes. I have no cause to go outside; I don’t complain. I just exist.

That perfectly average child doesn’t exist anymore. All that’s left is a contorted, mutilated stranger.

I don’t know myself. I don’t want to.

I glance at my wrist, and see my entire arm bent out of shape, spasming against my pillow. I can’t control it. It’s not mine anymore. It belongs to that stranger.

I glance down at the rest of my broken body, and feel a tear form in the stranger’s eye.

Word Count: 175
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