A Simple Life #writephoto

In the past, back when life was simple, I didn't spend that much time by myself. I was always so busy, surrounded by my friends and family, simply unable to see the appeal in leaving all that behind me. Perhaps, if I hadn't been so busy, and if I'd had fewer friends around me, I …

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Sky Waltz #writephoto

Here's another bit of creative writing for Sue Vincent's #writephoto challenge! Every week, Sue provides one of her own photos to inspire writers. This is an excellent challenge and a good opportunity to strengthen your writing skills! Their whispers are distant at first. They barely carry over the harsh whipping of the wind. As the …

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Messenger #writephoto

This week, Sue Vincent's "#writephoto" challenge considers the theme of "messenger". You can check out the challenge here, but, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my story! Since the days of my father’s father, my bloodline has had a single purpose: to stay alive long enough to deliver a message. My grandfather nearly succeeded …

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