The Versatile Blogger Award

On the same day as I posted my last blog award, Soul Connection nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award! Whilst I was very pleased, I thought that it would be too soon for me to post about another award, so I decided to leave it a while. Nevertheless, I need to thank Soul Connection for this …

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Unique Blogger Award

I need to thank Vivid Tales for nominating me for my second ever blog award! It's so nice to feel appreciated by other bloggers; it really gives a confidence boost, as well as prompting that nice, warm feeling that I'm sure we all know and love. Please do check out this blog - Abhi is a great …

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And the Winner of The Six Word Story Challenge is…

This six word story challenge is easy to enter and great fun to participate in; it enables writers to use their imagination and interact with one another to compare their ideas. This week, I am delighted to announce that I am the winner of this challenge, having completed my six words inspired by the prompt, “mercy”.

My winning six words were: “knees buckle, eyes close tight: please“.

Read more about the competition below! Thanks for reading!

Sometimes Stellar Storyteller

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Happy Friday Storytellers!

Welcome to the end of the week and the end of another Six Word Story Challenge.

This week I left you the prompt of MERCY to practice your storytelling genius on and as you will have seen there were some strong contenders for the title amongst this week’s entries. Click through if you haven’t had chance to read through yet.

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