Storm Clouds

Here's my take on this week's photo prompt challenge from Creative Writing Ink. Today, I had another go at a poem, whilst trying to be pretty experimental with its form. Thank you for reading and enjoy. When storm clouds hide a gentle drip- Drop of the most distant water- Fall, and the raven silk of …

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“Life Before Man”: Book Review (ish)

I've often heard it said that Margaret Atwood is one of the most varied writers alive today. Whilst, one minute, she'll be working on dystopian scenes of slavery or all-consuming floods, the next, she'll be considering the raw power of human nature, exploring our thought patterns as our differing emotions intersect with one another. "The real …

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That Sad Smile

This piece of creative writing is for the purposes of the Creative Writing Ink writing challenge. With weekly photo prompts and no word limits, this challenge offers a fun, interactive way of encouraging new writers. A cool, bitter wind swept through the tunnels, whipping back my hair and threatening to extinguish my precious candles. I leant over …

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