Book Review: “The Lais of Marie de France”

Consisting of twelve short stories, supposedly composed during the late twelfth century, The Lais of Marie de France tells of chivalric knights and Arthurian wonders, an insight into the nature of love, as well as magic. It demonstrates the values of courtly love, a principle that viewed love not only as a suffering, but a social …

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“The Odyssey”: Poem Review

The Odyssey is one of the greatest tales of all time, renowned for its influences over other works, its critical commentary of the human condition, and, more importantly, its story. Unlike Homer's earlier work, The Iliad, The Odyssey is a complex poem with numerous embedded narrators and a non-linear storyline, its protagonist and hero, Odysseus, reflecting on many …

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“The Inferior”: Book Review

“The Inferior” is based in a fictional world, which, arguably, could be futuristic. It highlights the main attributes of humanity, perhaps questioning our own society, and yet I consider it light reading that is addictive and pleasurable. Stopmouth, the protagonist hero and main character of the novel, faces humanity’s responses to a desperate situation. His …

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