A Moment of Solitude

Here's my interpretation of today's Weekend Prompt Challenge, hosted by Sammi Cox. This is a varied challenge that I enjoy taking part in, which is why, this week, I have attempted both the prose and the poetry challenge. Thank you very much for reading and I hope that you enjoy my writing! Prose Challenge Task: Write …

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“Le Morte Darthur”: Book Review #1

I've decided to break this review up into a few parts, just because Le Morte Darthur is a pretty intense read. Part one is only actually going to cover the first 81 pages of Thomas Malory's text, which are considered, in this particular edition (Oxford 2008), the first section, or book, in this tale of King Arthur …

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Guarded #4 – The Execution

This story is part of a serial, this part inspired by the photo prompt from the Sunday Scrawl Challenge; if you've missed a part, check out part one, part two and part three. Thanks for reading and, as always, enjoy! The Guardians didn’t speak as they bound the three Disgraced together. Amata didn’t even know whether Guardians could …

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