Mirror House – Alice in Wonderland

It really was the strangest house that Alice had ever seen. In fact, if she hadn't noticed its little door, she never would have supposed that it was a house, at all. It had only one room, and its walls weren't straight as they were in the houses that Alice was used to: they bent inwards, …

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Icy Leaves

How merciless is Fortune to bind you, Keeping you hidden with her harsh techniques. She wounds me thus: forcing my heart in two, I see the stark-white pallor of your cheeks. Though nightfall's gentle cradle shelters them From gluttonous Time's fast-decaying grasp, I dream of muted breath, a stolen gem That scolds as it slides …

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“Life Before Man”: Book Review (ish)

I've often heard it said that Margaret Atwood is one of the most varied writers alive today. Whilst, one minute, she'll be working on dystopian scenes of slavery or all-consuming floods, the next, she'll be considering the raw power of human nature, exploring our thought patterns as our differing emotions intersect with one another. "The real …

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That’s all folks! – Sunday Scrawl #1

The first week of the Sunday Scrawl challenge is officially over! Thank you to everyone who took part; it’s been an immense pleasure to read your wonderful responses to my photo! I’ve reviewed all entries and chosen a ‘winner’ for the week – it’s only a little late because I moved flat on Saturday, so everything has been a bit of a mess!

This was not an easy decision to make as so many of the entries were not only well written, but engaging and pretty intense! I have, however, selected Varad’s story to reblog this week; there was just something about the ending to the story that left me reeling. Thanks again to everyone who has taken part this week; as there were so many great entries, I’ve added links to all of them below!


11272892_847812051963254_1840294869_nGoodbye, cruel world! Is that how suicide notes begin? Whatever! I’ve had enough. Usually, the person committing suicide blames someone in their suicide note. Well, where to begin! Should I start with my absolutely useless and horny parents? Maybe! If you don’t have the brains to purchase a condom, then maybe you didn’t deserve to have sex.

Hey, my so called mother! Ever heard of abortion? Nope, don’t think so. If you were dumb enough to get pregnant with a child you never had any plans of raising, then I guess you wouldn’t have been smart enough to visit the nearby clinic. My worthless father, great job sticking around mate. Hope you had a great night of fornication.

My foster parents, If your idea of bringing a child up is whipping the cane out for every small mistake, you needn’t have bothered taking me in at all. Might as well…

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