Author Spotlight: Virginia Woolf

Here's another of my mini author biography pages, which were originally written for the Sixth Sense Sixth Form Newspaper. The full edition of this February version is available through this link, here. Enjoy! Virginia Woolf, one of the most reputable writers of the twentieth century, is renowned for her controversial and experimental ideas. More than anything else, …

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Book Review: “Wuthering Heights”

With its complicated themes and layered narrative, Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights is renowned for being one of the leading novels of the gothic genre. It is undeniably a fascinating read, if only due to the numerous character and plot interpretations that can be had from it. However, you should not take this book on if …

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Author Spotlight: William Wordsworth

Here's another article that I published in my Sixth Form's newspaper, Sixth Sense, focussing on William Wordsworth and his connection to my home county, Dorset. This edition was the first official one that my team and I produced, available to read in full here: 2-september. Born in the late 18th century, William Wordsworth helped to pioneer …

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