Guarded #4 – The Execution

This story is part of a serial, this part inspired by the photo prompt from the Sunday Scrawl Challenge; if you've missed a part, check out part one, part two and part three. Thanks for reading and, as always, enjoy! The Guardians didn’t speak as they bound the three Disgraced together. Amata didn’t even know whether Guardians could …

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Sunday Scrawl #8

Dear readers, I want to thank everyone who has taken part in the Sunday Scrawl so far! It's been a pleasure to read your wonderful takes on my pictures and a privilege to host a challenge that helped inspire fellow writers. However, due to a steady decrease in participation, I've decided to pause the Sunday …

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Author Spotlight: Terry Pratchett

Author Spotlight Terry Pratchett (1948-2015) Appreciating literature in the modern age can sometimes be difficult. Jacobean and Victorian works may always draw more attention to themselves, for literature appears to gather more importance with age. However, this does not mean that modern authors should be neglected, particularly when their books convey the power and magic …

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On the Run (part 2)

The second week of the Sunday Scrawl challenge is officially over! Thank you to everyone who took part; it’s been an immense pleasure to read your wonderful responses to my photo! I’ve reviewed all entries and chosen a ‘winner’ for the week.

This was not an easy decision to make as so many of the entries were not only well written, but engaging and pretty intense! I have, however, selected Sammi’s story to reblog this week; part of a serial that she’s writing, this week’s piece of writing was simply stunning. Thanks again to everyone who has taken part this week; as there were so many great entries, I’ve added links to all of them below!

Sammi Cox

To read the previous instalment of this flash fiction serial, click here: Part One

I made the train.  I still don’t know how.  One minute I was running, sure I was going to miss it, the next, the locomotive slowed down to go through the tunnel.  I caught up with the last carriage, grabbed a handle and pulled myself up.  Opening the door was trickier, thanks to the cold, but I did it.

The rear carriage was empty, so I had no fear of being found.  I took a seat next to the window and tried to calm down.  I never imagined making it this far.

The train wouldn’t stop again for twelve hours, so I dozed for a while.  When I woke it was to find that the forest had gone and in its place a snow-white expanse stretched for miles and miles, until it merged imperceptibly with the…

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