“Broken Dreams”: Analysis

The Poem Broken Dreams By W. B. Yeats There is grey in your hair. Young men no longer suddenly catch their breath When you are passing; But maybe some old gaffer mutters a blessing Because it was your prayer Recovered him upon the bed of death. For your sole sake-that all heart's ache have known,... Continue Reading →

“The Fisherman”: Analysis

The Poem The Fisherman By W. B. Yeats Although I can see him still- The freckled man who goes To a grey place on a hill In grey Connemara clothes At dawn to cast his flies- It's long since I began To call up to the eyes This wise and simple man. All day I'd... Continue Reading →

“The Cold Heaven”: Analysis

This is the first of a new blog section that I'm starting, dealing with poetry analysis. Analysing poems is something that I've always liked doing, so thank you for reading; I hope this may be of some use to someone. The Poem The Cold Heaven By W. B. Yeats Suddenly I saw the cold and... Continue Reading →

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