The Sunday Scrawl

Sunday Scrawl LogoThe “Sunday Scrawl” weekly challenge is an opportunity for writers to interact with one another. Every Sunday, I will post a photo that will act as the ‘prompt’, encouraging other writers write a response to this photo. You can write about absolutely anything, from poetry to short prose, or maybe even an instalment of a longer story that you’ve been working on. I hope that you enjoy this challenge, as it’s my chance to combine my two greatest passions: writing and photography. You can check out the rules for the challenge below.



  1. There are no tangible prizes for this challenge, but I will be reblogging the top entries!
  2. Responses to the prompts can vary from prose/poetry writing to more photographs – there are no limits!
  3. Feel free to use my photo prompts to illustrate your responses.
  4. Please remember to make a pinkback to my prompt on each response you write!
  5. To enter, simply click on the “Mister Linky” icon at the bottom of each prompt page, where you can enter your name and blog URL.